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 pvc fluidized bed powder dip coating | piper plastics corp.
Piper uses PVC Powders in its Fluidized Bed Coating process. PVC POWDER (Vinyl, PVC, or polyvinyl chloride) is a coating material that can be applied to any substrate that can withstand the process temperature of about 400F. Piper applies it using the fluid bed method. At the process temperature, the powder fuses into solid Vinyl.

 4 reasons to use pvc fluidized bed power coatings
Fluidized powder will also give you 100% part coverage. The powder will get into every nook and cranny of your product, making it particularly well-suited to covering wire products. There won’t be complicated tooling methods involved in the process–all you have to do is preheat the fluid bed powder coated part, dip it into the fluidized bed ...

 pvc & polyethylene fluidized bed powder coating
PVC Fluidized Bed Powder Coating PVC Powder Coating provides a coating that is extremely tough, yet soft to the touch with impact and chemical resistance, and has good insulating properties. Fluidized bed powder coated PVC is a relatively inexpensive and economical option that offers excellent adhesion, a high degree of edge coverage, a uniform finish (no runs), and is corrosion resistant.

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 fluidized bed - an overview | sciencedirect topics
Fluidized beds operate by balancing the downward gravity forces of the weight of the particles in the charge with the upward forces created by high gas flow. Fluidization or suspension can be carried out on a large range of material densities and particle sizes. In practice, particle sizes from 0.002 to 10 mm have been successfully treated. However, to ensure that a stable fluid bed is ...

 see the fluidized bed powder coating process - youtube
Fluidized Bed Powder Coating is a process where a pre-heated part is dipped into a tank of fluidized thermoplastic powder, which is typically PVC or Nylon. ...

 fluidized bed | products finishing
I work for a custom PVC coating and molding company. We do dip molding and coating. We are now trying to get into some powder coating using PVC powders in a fluidized bed. We have been using our current ovens to attempt this process. We have built our own tanks to roll our material. We have struggled to stay consistent in our processes.

 modeling and simulation of industrial pvc drying in fluidized beds with ...
The result shows that by using the two-stage pneumatic-fluidized bed drying in certain conditions, the SEC is reduced up to 8255 kJ/kg and an average of 5260 kJ/kg compared with fluidized bed ...

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